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Flame-Retardant Preservation

OneSource flame-retardant preservation for construction phases is used to protect your asset from construction debris and contamination from hot work, blasting, and so on.

·      Flame retardant tarps, Flame-retardant clear sheets, Flame-retardant yellow tapes, aluminum-coated glass fiber sheets, floor/grating protection from OneSource which has been manufactured together with our partners.
·      Customized flame-retardant tarps/shrink to any shape, size, color, with/without VCI and with Velcro/Ziplock opening to make inspection easy on your projects.
·      Flame-retardant shrink and tarp/sheets can be specifically made to fit any kind of equipment.
·      Clear flame-retardant protection is used for valves, instrument stands, instruments, gauges, light fixtures, floodlights, on/off valves, and all other types of equipment typically wrapped in aluminum sheets.

Together with our Flame-retardant product we also offer many other services together with our partners for asset protection during construction phase.

·      Preservation Management / Execution & Engineering using VCI products from Daubert Cromwell.
·      Preservation maintenance and execution.
·      Preservation maintenance systems.
·      Keeping stock of all preservation consumables needed for any application.
·      Preservation of valves, instruments, cabinets, electrical rooms, and equipment
·      Preservation of piping, internally and externally.
·      Preservation of pumps, motors, gen-sets, compressors, turbines, vessels, heat exchangers. Externally and internally
·      Temperature and Humidity Preservation customized solution based on needs by desiccants, de-humidifying, temp cooling, and HVAC systems
·      Preservation Preparation of equipment skid and modules for transport phases. Single equipment and full topside/FPSO/drilling asset
·      Preservation services, engineering, execution for Rig Stacking, layup of production facilities. On/offshore.
·      Cleaning of assets/equipment. Stainless and painted surfaces that have been contaminated during yard stay.

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