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Nox-Rust® 1100 VCI Oil


  • Protection Time: Up to 2 years indoors within an enclosed space
  • Appearance: Light golden lubricating oil
  • Metal Protection: Ferrous; iron, steel
  • For use during operation, a compatibility test is required

OneSource stock nr:

Pail (1100): 10160
Drum (1100): 10161


1100 VCI Oil is used to protect metals in closed systems, this includes all engines and other enclosed systems such as hydraulic systems, compressors, transmissions, and gearboxes. Normal preservative liquids that are applied into closed systems will usually drain away leaving all the metals exposed to corrosion. VCI Oil like Nox-Rust 1100 will also drain away but due to the VCI in the oil it is still left protected and preserved, it also protects metals below the oil level.

Removal is not required. Ready to use straight out of the pail or drum.


Nox-Rust® 1100 VCI Oil