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Aluminium Glass Fibre Cloth


Our aluminium sheets are suitable for applications such as Equinor TR2149. They are used to cover stainless cabinets, pressure gauges, controllers, panels, junction boxes, temperature instruments, telecom equipment, detectors, transmitters, and heaters with a minimum requirement of 0.25 KG per m² when enveloped in glass fibre cloth.

  OS400 AF800 AF1500
Weave Plain Plain Plain
Yaen (E-Glass) Texturised Texturised Texturised
Fabric Colour White Light Brown White
Warp/Fill 11n 430 x 430 860 x 1290
Weight 300g/m2 610g/m2 1150g/m2
Tensil Strength 2025 N/5cm    
Thk: (± 3%) 0.5 mm 1mm 1.6mm
Width  1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Length 50mtr 50mtr 50mtr

Aluminum foil/Metalized film
/Aluminum foil + PET

Thickness of Foil 18 Micron (um)    


Size Stock Nr
1.6mmm x 1m x 30m, Temp: 550 Deg C 13401
0.42mm x 1n x 50, Temp: 550 Deg C 13403
18 Micron
0.42 x 1m x 100m,
Temp: 550 Deg C


The OneSource Aluminium Sheeted Glass Fibre Cloth offers flame-retardant protection for your valuable assets during construction and commissioning. Crafted with versatile and cost-effective material, it ensures safety without frequent inspections, making it ideal for safeguarding electrical components, machinery, or sensitive equipment. It’s easy installation and maintenance provide hassle-free asset protection, while its corrosion resistance enhances asset longevity and reduces repair costs due to hot works. Choose this dependable and budget-friendly solution for peace of mind in securing your investments.


Aluminium Glass Fibre Cloth