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Premium Metal-Guard® VCI Film


Protection time24 months inside dry storage
Daubert Blue, transparent

Metals Protected:

MetalCorrosion Protection
Cast IronProtection
Brass, Red or WhiteProtection
Bronze, including Naval Protection
Cadmium and Cadmium PlatedProtection
Stainless Steel, All GradesProtection
Zinc or White MetalProtection
Galvanized, hot dipped or electro galvanizedProtection
Chromium and Chromium PlatedProtection
Nickel and Nickel PlatedProtection

OneSource Stock nr VCI Metalguard Blue, Film on roll:

1,5x200m, 100my: 10025
3x100m, 150my: 10030
4x100m, 100my: 10035


Premium Metal-Guard is a highly resistant, effective VCI film made to protect multi-metals during lay-up, manufacturing, or transport stages of your projects. The Daubert Cromwell proprietary VCI that is infused into the VCI film provides long-term protection against moisture, salt and other contaminants that cause corrosion. It is made tear-resistant to provide extra protection. The VCI film can be made into various films as per requirement.

VCI Film is a safe, effective corrosion inhibitor packaging film designed to protect multi-metals during manufacture, storage, and transit. The heat-sealable, low-density polyethylene film has a proprietary blend of corrosion inhibitors blended throughout the film, not superficially applied. It is strong, transparent, and standard in a unique shade of blue to identify it as a quality product of Daubert Cromwell. Parts stay clean, dry, and corrosion-free until ready to use and are approved as military packaging per ARDEC drawing 13027484


Premium Metal-Guard® VCI Film