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OneSource Yellow Flame-Retardant Tape


OneSource Yellow Tape Sizing, other sizes are available upon request. All our flame-retardant yellow tape meets the rigorous requirements of NORSOK Z-006 and Equinor TRs.

Size Stock Nr
100mm x 25m 13200
200mm x 25m 13201
300mm x 25m 13202
400mm x 25m 13203
500mm x 25m 13204



OneSource Yellow Flame-Retardant Tape is specifically designed to meet safety standards, including the rigorous requirements of NORSOK Z-006 and Equinor TRs. Yellow Flame-Retardant tape provides flame-retardant protection of critical components during the construction and commissioning period.

From pipe spools to supports, EIT steel to trays and stands, junction boxes to stainless walls, and painted surfaces to handrails, OneSource Yellow Flame-Retardant Tape offers comprehensive fire protection against welding, grinding, cutting, torching, blasting, etc. Its flame-retardant capabilities act as a barrier, preventing damage from fire and minimizing potential damage to assets.

OneSource Yellow Flame-Retardant Tape