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Clear Flame-Retardant Sheets


Thickness: 0.4mm
Width: 1200mm
Length: 30m

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Our C400 Clear flame-retardant sheets, manufactured by OneSource and partners, are for safeguarding equipment during construction and commissioning. Prioritizing safety, these sheets utilize flame-retardant materials, meeting industry standards and undergoing rigorous testing to guarantee maximum fire resistance. Customization is key, with these sheets easily tailored to fit any equipment shape, size, or colour requirement, whether for valves, instruments, light fixtures, or more. The Velcro/Ziplock opening feature allows seamless access for inspections and maintenance, eliminating unwrapping and rewrapping processes. With a thickness of 0.4mm, these sheets are durable and flexible, ensuring equipment protection without affecting performance. Suitable for a wide range of assets, from small valves to large fixtures, they offer long-term protection for assets, reducing maintenance needs and ensuring equipment longevity.

Clear Flame-Retardant Sheets