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VCI Powder and Powder Pouches

VCI Powders provide continuous corrosion protection for interior metal surfaces within enclosed systems. You can use it for: To protect interior cavities and recesses during layup, preservation, and mothballing. Preserving equipment that must undergo hydrostatic testing before shipping. In a mothballed facility, Nox-Rust powders keep machinery in working order so that production can be resumed quickly. VCI powder is environmentally friendly and safe. There are no phosphates, heavy metals, or nitrites in it.

Experience the power of VCI Powders in our specialized product category designed for oil and gas applications. These silica-free, water-soluble powders deliver exceptional long and short-term protection to safeguard ferrous metals and aluminum during storage, lay-up, and hydrostatic testing. With user-friendly application methods and minimal maintenance requirements, our environmentally friendly VCI Powders ensure optimal asset preservation. Choose from our range of fine or pouch emitters, offering a minimum 24-month protection period, making them the cost-effective solution for maintaining equipment integrity in the O&G, marine, and renewable industries. Trust in the reliability of VCI Powders to safeguard your valuable assets.