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Nox-Rust® 1015 VCI Powder and Pouch Emitter


Nox-rust 1015 is also available in custom sizes/quantities or as a loose powder in a pail

Protection time: 24 months minimum.
Volume Protection: 424 Litres
Metals Protected: Ferrous
Appearance: White Powder/White Powder Pouch

OneSource stock nr: 10520


Nox-Rust® 1015 Pouch Emitter

Nox-rust 1015 pouch emitter is a VCI powder in a breathable polyethylene pouch. It protects ferrous metal slowly as the VCI diffuses out of the pouch, protecting ferrous metals. The VCI powder is made to protect enclosed systems like boilers, tanks, void spaces inside vessels, turbines and steam or condensate pipelines. If your asset is going to lay up, storage or an extended period of inactivity VCI powder is an excellent cost-effective solution.

Nox-Rust® 1015 VCI Powder pouch emitter eliminates the need to fog or spray powders when such a method of application is not desired or not possible. It requires no surface preparation before application and the pouch emitter is easily disposable without any cleanup required, simply air out the enclosed area and it’s ready to use again.

Nox-Rust® 1015 VCI Powder and Pouch Emitter