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Nox-Rust® 1000SFG VCI Powder Pouch Emitter



Protection time: 24 months.
Appearance:  Finely ground white Powder
Metals Protected
: Ferrous

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1000SFG VCI Powder is the same as 1000SF VCI powder but in a ground more fine powder. It is Silica-free, water-soluble powder for protecting equipment . When long periods of inactivity, storage or laying, or during and after hydrostatic testing VCI powder is extremely effective at protecting your assets. VCI powder provides long and short term protection to ferrous metals and aluminium.

Apply powder by dusting, fogging, or dissolving in water. it is safe and environmentally friendly, contains no phosphates, heavy metals, or nitrites. There is no requirement for surface preparation before application or to remove it before restarting the asset after shut-down. Maintenance requirements are very low for VCI powder, if the VCI is disturbed it reapplies before corrosion can take place.

If dry application best suits your requirements we also have fogging gun available for rental which is perfect for VCI powder application, it is easily transportable to difficult areas making it suitable for O&G, marine and renewable industries.


Nox-Rust® 1000SFG VCI Powder Pouch Emitter