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Our Oil & Gas industry clients are consistently maintaining their equipment and facilities, to ensure performance and operability. When our Oil & Gas industry clients have out of operation periods, or are investing in new build projects, they come to us for an anti-corrosion solution. OneSource AS will review the equipment and facility operational specifications, to ensure the compatibility and effectiveness of the recommended solution.

From OneSource AS experience the most common solutions are:

Application of Nitrogen Blanket (Purging) – Displacing oxygen with nitrogen in the enclosed space, preventing corrosion. OneSource AS has multidisciplinary personnel with years of experience in equipment & system purging. Upon assessment of our clients’ specific needs, OneSource AS mobilize our multidisciplinary team & equipment for onsite application.

Application of Nox-Rust 1200DC, a water based, silica-free, environmentally safe Volatile Corrosion Inhibiter (VCI) that is applied within the enclosed space, by filling, fogging, or flushing. Upon application of the Nox-Rust 1200DC mixture, the VCI will chemically bond with the internal surface preventing corrosion from forming.

OneSource AS is comprised of professionals with many years of operational maintenance and new build construction preservation experience. When developing a solution for our clients, OneSource AS will always consider the most cost-effective application for protection as well as start-up, and operation.

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