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Valhall UltraGel


Physical State: Gel-like Liquid
Colour: Peach
Odour: Weak
pH Status: In aqueous solution
pH Value: >2
Freezing Point: <2 degrees Celsius
Specific Gravity: 1216.44 kg/m3 at 20°C
Solubility in Water: Complete
Viscosity: ~6000 mPa



Valhall UltraGel

Valhall UltraGel is used for the removal of oxides (rust), lime, magnetite, humus, salt, and other deposits.

Valhall Clean ultraGel has a similar effect as acid cleaning of stainless material.

Valhall Clean UltraGel is environmentally friendly and does not affect any other products than specified.

After treatment with Valhall Clean UlraGel, clean surfaces with water and treat the surfaces in a conventional manner.

Valhall Clean UltraGel shall not be diluted.

It is classified as Yellow HOCNF by European authorities and is yellow in color. Can be disposed of direct to the sea.

Valhall UltraGel