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Valhall GreenGel


Valhall GreenGel is the flagship of our CleanGel series. It is the only solution in the world classified as Green by HOCNF regulations.

Valhall GreenGel is used for the removal of oxides (rust), lime, magnetite, humus, salt, and other deposits.

Valhall GreenGel has a similar effect as acid cleaning of stainless material.

Valhall GreenGel is environmentally friendly and does not affect any other products than specified.

After treatment with Valhall GreenGel, clean surfaces with water and conventionally treat the surfaces.

Valhall GreenGel shall not be diluted.

It is classified as Green HOCNF by European authorities and is orange in color. Can be disposed of directly to the sea.


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Pail 25l cons: GreenCons25

Pail 25l: GreenGel25

Valhall GreenGel