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UV Shrink Film


Dimensions Length Thickness
1.8m (3.6m) centrefold 50 meters 8 mil
1.8m (3.6m) centrefold 50 meters 10 mil



Our UV Shrink Film safeguards your valuable assets in the oil and gas industry and is available as an eco-friendly solution when required. It provides unmatched protection against harsh environmental conditions, corrosion, and UV radiation, extending the lifespan of your equipment while minimizing your carbon footprint. Whether you need standard UV protection or require Flame-retardant properties, our Shrink Film covers you. With its versatility, UV Shrink Film finds applications in agriculture, construction, transportation, manufacturing, and marine industries. Choose UV Shrink Film and invest in durable asset protection that aligns with your environmental responsibility goals.

If you require VCI shrink film, we also have it available. Click here to learn more.


UV Shrink Film