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Hot Oil Flushing Unit


P max , Q max60 l/min @270 bar , 37 l/min @ 350 bar
PumpHarben® ‘Century’ type radial piston diaphragm flushing pump, model reference 427.519
No. Of cylinders4
Piston/cylinder diameter27.5mm
Pump Speed980rpm (50Hz)
Pump power @ max bar45.1kW
Maximum fluid temp60°C
Electric Motor55kW, 6 pole, IE3 premium efficiency, IP55 enclosure, suitable for 400v/3ph/50Hz supply.
Filtration2x high quality,high pressure filter housing with a replaceable filter element is installed to provide cleanliness to NAS 1638 Class 5.
Flow MeterAnalog flow meter in the return line gives the operator feedback on the status of the pump.
Fluid CoolerAn air cooler (with an electric motor driven fan) is installed to keep the fluid temperature below 60degC.
Fluid TankInstalled with level gauge, temperature gauge, low level shutdown switch, and high temperature shutdown switch.
Relief ValveA safety relief valve is fitted and set at 10% above the maximum operating pressure. The bypass from the relief is piped back to the fluid tank
FrameFlushing unit mounted to a stainless steel frame
Control55kW star delta starter


Revitalize your pipelines with our high-performance hot oil flushing system. Designed to remove post-installation debris and contaminants, it uses high-temperature oil and precise flow rates to leave your pipelines spotless. With real-time monitoring, we ensure thorough cleaning, saving you time. Invest today for peace of mind, bid farewell to clogs, and secure long-term pipeline reliability.

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Hot Oil Flushing Unit