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Daubrite®1F VCI Emitters



Protection time: Up to 24 months
Volume: 7L
Appearance: Green Foam Pad
Size: 2.54cm x 2.54cm x 0.64cm

OneSource Stock nr: 10006


1F VCI Emitters from Daubert Cromwell are lightweight and provide effective corrosion protection for exposed metals inside enclosures. The VCI is infused into the open cell foam of the emitter and volatilizes to form an invisible layer on the surface of the metal to protect against corrosion. VCI emitters are effective on multi-metal parts including steel, copper and zinc and are non-toxic with no special handling required. They will protect the metals even if there is moisture in the air, or other contaminants like salt, dirt etc.

  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Adhesive tape on the back of each disk – sticks to cabinets, containers, metal lids, covers, and boxes.
  • Place the VCI emitters as close to and above the metals that need corrosion protection.
  • Maximum protection when used in dry, non-aerated environments.  Use in mechanical control boxes, control panels, utility boxes, gun cabinets, and toolboxes.
Daubrite®1F VCI Emitters