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Preservation Services

Comprehensive Preservation Services for Oil & Gas Assets

Effective preservation services are crucial for protecting oil and gas assets against deterioration and extending equipment lifetime. OneSource offers turnkey preservation management using engineered solutions.

Overseeing Preservation with PIMS

Our Project Information Management System (PIMS) enables centralized oversight of preservation tasks – from planning to reporting. PIMS enhances coordination and reduces risks by integrating documentation, inspection data, and more.

Custom Preservation Engineering

Leveraging engineering expertise, we create tailored plans considering asset specifications, environmental risks and operational protocols. Our analysis underpins materials selection, protective coatings and enclosure designs for fortified protection.

Preventative Maintenance for Maximized Uptime Proactive maintenance spotlights deficiencies early, avoiding functionality loss. Technicians systematically service assets – lubricating, calibrating, and replacing parts. This global view coupled with local action optimizes longevity.

Industrial Grade VCI Technology

OneSource offers a spectrum of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) products that molecularly shield metals from corrosion. Our VCI papers, powders, emitters and oils provide versatile, long-lasting defence across storage, transport and slow periods.

Integrated Logistics Preservation

For in-transit assets, we manage comprehensive logistics preservation to mitigate environmental and handling risks. Measures range from humidity controls, and specialized containers to tilt monitoring for comprehensive security.

Innovation in Complex Scenarios

With diverse assets and settings, preservation perplexities arise. OneSource leverages case studies, data and human insight to adaptability craft innovative solutions saving assets from damage.

Contact OneSource today to implement complete preservation plans for your oil and gas assets. Our blend of technology and touch sustains performance across disruptions.