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Nox-Rust 3100 and 5200

As a partner of Daubert CromwellOneSource AS offers Nox-Rust 3100 and 5200 as temporary corrosion-inhibiting waxes/coatings to the O&G industry. Depending on application requirements, both are available in pails/drums/aerosols.

Nox Rust 3100 is a solvent-based, heavy-duty temporary coating. It dries quickly to a hard wax and delivers superior protection for multi-metal, unpainted machined surfaces in any environment, including harsh, unsheltered outdoor conditions.

Nox-Rust 5200 is an oil-based temporary coating with exceptional wet film corrosion protection and lubrication for multi-metal surfaces. Its unique formula creates a robust barrier against rust and corrosion, making it ideal for harsh conditions.

Applying Nox-Rust wax coatings/wet films to your assets/equipment extends their lifespan, improving maintenance costs and minimizing downtime.

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