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N2He Services : Expert Nitrogen Helium Leak Testing and Purging Solutions

N2He, or Nitrogen-Helium Testing, is an important process used in the oil and gas industry to identify leaks and ensure the integrity of pipelines, vessels, and other equipment. It is a non-destructive testing method that utilizes a mixture of nitrogen and helium gases to detect even the smallest leaks.

During the N2He testing process, a mixture of nitrogen and helium is pressurized and introduced into the equipment being tested. The mixture is carefully monitored, and any leaks are identified by the helium component, which is sensitive enough to detect even the smallest leaks. The nitrogen component is used to push the helium gas through the system, making it easier to detect any leaks.

N2He testing is typically conducted using specialized equipment, including a mixing panel, pressure gauges, and helium detectors. The mixing panel is used to regulate the pressure and flow of the nitrogen and helium gases, while the pressure gauges are used to monitor the pressure inside the equipment being tested. The helium detector is used to identify any leaks and is typically very sensitive to even small amounts of helium gas.

At OneSource, we offer a comprehensive range of N2He services to our clients in the oil and gas industry. Our experienced engineers and technicians use state-of-the-art equipment which is also available for rental, and techniques to provide accurate and reliable testing results. We can provide N2He testing for a wide range of equipment, including pipelines, pressure vessels, and storage tanks.

Our N2He testing services can help to identify leaks and other issues in your equipment, allowing you to take corrective action before any serious problems occur. We also provide detailed reports on our testing results, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the condition of your equipment and any necessary repairs or maintenance. By utilizing our N2He testing services, you can ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment, as well as compliance with industry standards and regulations.